Last Friday, 10 December 2021, 14 representatives of 8 schools and educational centers from Yerevan which were awarded small EU grants for their Eco-Clubs and promotion of environmental protection, waste prevention and proper waste management, participated in a training dedicated to project implementation and 5Rs concept (refuse, reuse, recycle, recover, residual waste management) in education and awareness raising, organized by EU funded "Capital Cities Collaborating on Common Challenges in Hazardous Waste Management - Yerevan, Warsaw, Tirana" project. Currently the projects' teams are preparing important planning documents such as procurement plans, etc., and detailing future activities.
The training workshop helped the workshop participants understand the complex administrative, reporting and other formal requirements of EU-funded projects.
Also, practical ideas on how to integrate 5Rs principles into activities with kids and youth were shared and discussed. We are all looking forward towards the school projects starting soon!