Warsaw staff exchange

All were on display, presented by Warsaw professionals - a modernized and expanded waste-to-energy processing plant (to be opened by mid-2024), a Selective Municipal Waste Collection Point (civic amenity site), a green waste composting plant, an automated waste sorting plant, and other installations, as well as a fleet of waste collection vehicles. Employees of municipal companies that collect and manage waste in Yerevan and Tirana were invited to Warsaw to see in practice how municipal waste management functions in line with European Union laws. Also, best practices of communication activities for city inhabitants were presented.
Learning through the exchange of experience - this is one of the main objectives of the competence development programme that Yerevan, Warsaw and Tirana implement together. The programme is designed for participants in waste management systems from these three cities and is one of the elements of the international, EU-granted project "Capital Cities Collaborating on Common Challenges in Hazardous Waste Management - Yerevan, Warsaw, Tirana".
"We are ensuring the stable functioning of the waste management system in Warsaw. We also want to increase the city's control over the implementation of the tasks related to maintaining cleanliness and order in Warsaw. That is why Miejskie Przedsińôbiorstwo Oczyszczania is building Poland's largest waste thermal processing plant, which will supply the capital's residents (about 40,000 families) with heat and electricity from next year. There are plans to build other facilities to ensure that we achieve the legally required levels of waste recycling and preparation for re-use. We are also successively increasing the number of Civic Amenity Sites (CAS). Much is behind us, but also much is ahead of us. We understand perfectly the challenges that our partners from Yerevan and Tirana face and we are open to sharing our experiences with them so far", said Agnieszka Jakubowska, Director of the City of Warsaw Waste Management Office.
The guests' visited Warsaw as part of a staff exchange from 19 to 23 September 2023. The programme assumes a mutual exchange of experiences and Warsaw representatives will also visit the capitals of Armenia and Albania in the coming months.