The "Capital Cities Collaborating on Common Challenges in Hazardous Waste Management - Yerevan, Warsaw, Tirana" project is co-financed by the European Union and the municipalities of the mentioned capitals. The main objective of the action is to strengthen the urban management of hazardous waste through the cooperation of Yerevan, Warsaw, and Tirana, promoting knowledge exchange between partners, greater participation of citizens, and comprehensive integration of existing best practices in hazardous waste management. The Contracting Authority (sub-grantor) for accepting applications for these sub-grants is "Yerevan Urban Development Investment Programs Implementation Agency" Community-Based Non-Commercial Organization (CNCO)". Sub-grants will be paid from EU funds.
"The sub-grants (values of projects fall between 25,000 EUR and 45,000) will promote and introduce innovations and smart solutions in the field of municipal waste management and household hazardous waste management (MWM and HHWM). The primary target are the citizens and visitors of the three partner cities, who will benefit from innovative and more efficient waste management systems. In addition, a secondary target are all institutions responsible for municipal and hazardous waste management, whose tasks can be improved using advanced technologies and innovative approaches. Innovation Grants are open to SMEs, Research Institutions, Research and Development Institutions, and Higher Education Institutions, which are keen to develop novel, ingenious solutions to better face the challenges of MWM and HHWM in the three Capital Cities (Yerevan, Warsaw, and Tirana) and beyond" noted "Capital Cities Collaborating on Common Challenges in Hazardous Waste Management - Yerevan, Warsaw, Tirana" project Team Leader, Robert Girejko.
The overall objective of this call for proposals is to improve municipal waste and household hazardous waste management systems by creating and promoting innovations, smart solutions, and digital (mobile/online) applications for better management of municipal waste (MW) and/or household hazardous waste (HHW).
Applications can be downloaded or completed online by visiting the www.hazardouswm.eu webpage, "Sub-grants - Innovation grants" section.

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