Improving Municipal Waste Management Systems. Equipment Launch Ceremony and Seminar: "Let's recycle together"

The event marked the expansion of the Yerevan Municipality Waste Sorting and Recycling Programme following the EU-funded investment in waste trucks and waste sorting containers. A seminar dedicated to key challenges in MWM, initiatives, best practices, and lessons learned was organised later on the same day as an opportunity to discuss waste prevention and management policies and practices among all relevant stakeholders. At the equipment launch ceremony and the seminar, were presented and discussed:
  • The role of local self-governments in developing a more sustainable and inclusive economy of Armenia.
  • Armenian reforms in the environmental sector, specifically for waste prevention and management.
  • Environmental challenges and strategic solutions in the urban context.
  • Experiences and prospects of the Yerevan Municipality Waste Segregation and Recycling Programme.
  • Support to municipal waste prevention and management including household hazardous waste.
  • Key challenges, initiatives, best practices, and lessons learned in MWM/HHWM.