Yerevan International Conference


In the framework of EU funded "Capital Cities Collaborating on Common Challenges in Hazardous Waste Management - Yerevan, Warsaw, Tirana" project on 17th of November, 2021 during "Towards cleaner and greener cities" Yerevan International Conference for the purpose of implementation of ECO-education small projects with total cost about 14.9 mln. AMD eight schools of Yerevan were granted the sub-grant contracts. On average about 93 percent of the projects cost will be financed from the EU grant resources and about 7 percent - from the participant's (school's) resources.
You can find the list of projectsand schools below:
1. "Youth Creativity Centre of Shengavit administrative district" CNCO - "Promotion of Environmental Education through Development of Leadership Skills of Adolescents and Educational Equality in Shengavit Administrative District" project
2. "Yerevan N 45 basic school" SNCO - "Erebuni club of energy-experts" project
3. "Yerevan basic school after Nairi Zaryan N 130" SNCO - "Creating a healthy environment in Yerevan with the participation of green school squads" project
4. "Yerevan basic school N 181" SNCO - "Eco-Ambassador" project
5. "Yerevan basic school after Misaq Metsarents N 146" - "I am responsible" project
6. "Avan Culture home" CNCO - "Climate changes: the impact of hazardous waste on climate" project
7. "Yerevan N 186 basic school" SNCO - "Protected areas and biodiversity" project
8. "Yerevan basic school after H. Tumanyan N32" - "Waste-free school in a healthy community" project